JBC has built a reputation in the business intelligence - BI - industry by holding firm to a core set of ideas and values. These values have served JBC and our clients well throughout the years...

  • Experience, Professionalism and Integrity- To our organization, these are not just words. They are key aspects of our mission to provide high-quality results for our clients. Each member of our organization has a top-tier skill set that has been leveraged to create solid results for our customers.
  • JBC has a long-term presence in an industry where consulting firms come and go. We’ve quietly and carefully gone about the business of meeting client needs irrespective of the “ebbs and flows” of an ever-changing industry.
  • Our management team has decades of experience as serious professionals in and also outside of the IT industry. We've been consumers and providers of technology resources. That gives us a very powerful perspective on both sides of the equation. We understand the needs of the customer. And, we understand what it takes to help the customer clearly define their needs so we can help them be more productive.
  • We make it a point to carry out our profession with integrity. We work very hard to communicate thoroughly and honestly in all of our business relationships. In the end, our professional reputation depends on how well we perform. Our management team works to ensure everybody understands that professionalism and integrity are the keys to long-term success in any industry.

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